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I have had the pleasure of working with Ahmed Abdel-Meguid at Blackstone Academy Charter School. I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Ahmed.
Ahmed arrived at Blackstone mid-way through the school year to provide extra academic coaching for students taking the Science NECAP and SAT II subject tests. Throughout the year, he has demonstrated remarkable creativity in engaging our students. Ahmed was extremely creative in helping students learn abstract science concepts by creating humorous simulations. I remember watching students piece together a double helix using colored yoga mats to ensure that students understood what DNA sequences look liked. In an urban school environment, many students come from disadvantaged families and are often the first child to attempt graduation from high school and higher education. Ahmed has invested himself in the lives of many of our students to help them achieve this goal.
It was clear from the beginning that Ahmed would fit in well in our high school because of his patient and calm persistence in helping students work through their confusion and frustrations in preparing for the Science exams. Even though he was hired only part time to work for a few hours per week, he often stayed overtime to help students at lunch and after-school. He not only assisted students in science, but they came to him for tutoring in math as well. Trust is a rare commodity that students give to strangers and Ahmed was quickly welcomed by the students into our school community once they realized how willing he was to help. His greatest contribution was in serving as a senior project coach for a senior who wanted to explore how computer games could be integrated into school. Ahmed’s expertise in the video game industry allowed this senior to create an after-school class where he and Ahmed taught seven students to conceptualize and create their own educational video games. The students Ahmed worked with in this after-school class were not active in our school’s extracurricular programs but Ahmed’s class fulfilled a need that had long gone unmet. These students thrived socially with each other as they learned computer code and brainstormed how their games could teach concepts in the classroom.
Ahmed is an intelligent, resourceful, and dependable educator who works well with students and serves as a positive adult male role model. He would be a valuable member to any school. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or telephone if you would like additional information. Thank you for your time.


Brian Fong


Brian Fong
Social Studies Teacher
Blackstone Academy Charter School


“I have worked very closely with Ahmed at Bioware Austin and have a tremendous amount of respect for him, both professionally and personally. Ahmed trained me on tools and processes when I first arrived. His easygoing manner and excellent social skills, combined with his technical prowess, brought me up to speed quickly and painlessly. He is obviously a “type A” personality for whom communication comes naturally. I also noted that he was frequently tapped to provide training for others as well (for example, he tutored a team from Mythic to bring them up to speed quickly on the more complicated aspects of our in-house tools).
Additionally, as we sat near each other I frequently consulted with him regarding design challenges and bug fixes. I was often impressed with his attention to detail, the care he takes with story continuity and game flow, and his professional manner when dealing with other departments. He always contributes valuable feedback and is always conscious of being a player advocate. And I’m not the only person at the company who took advantage of his advice – it was a very common occurrence to see other designers requesting his feedback on their own quests.
I can easily see Ahmed as a frequent and valuable contributor to any game project. His passion for game design is clear and his creative, technical, and social skills make him a perfect match for this position. I would recommend Ahmed to any game studio looking for a solid, well-rounded Game Designer / Scripter.”

Brian Bartram
Game Developer
Fable Labs

“The hallmark of a good designer is to be able to come up with fun yet functional ideas, while being able to actually implement those ideas into the game.
Ahmed is able to conceptualize a game system at a whiteboard level, identifying and drawing out the fun elements, always keeping in mind the player experience. He then follows through by scripting the system into the game, iterating and testing until it shines.
It was a pleasure to work with Ahmed and I hope to have the opportunity again!”

Jesse Comb
Producer, Strategic Partnerships

“Ahmed’s one of the smartest scripters I’ve had the chance to work with at BioWare. He’s ambitious, highly motivated, and hard-working; my team would not have been as successful as it was without his dedication to doing his work at a high-level of competency and polish.”

Michael Backus
Lead Designer

“I worked closely with Ahmed in both the design and implementation stage of a new feature at BioWare, and he was very important in helping to determine the scope and use cases of said feature. He is enthusiastic and thorough, and these qualities along with his easygoing nature certainly made him a pleasure to work with. He obviously loves game design and is unafraid of its technical aspects; I think he would definitely be a valuable asset to any game studio.”

Edwin Herrell
Lead Game Systems Programmer

“Ahmed was an outstanding resource when learning the ins and outs of the way BWA handles creating worlds and content. He was always willing and able to give me a slice of his time to walk me right through whatever questions I could throw at him, and his work was always extremely helpful and of a high quality.”

Robert Hinkle
Senior System Designer
EA Mythic

“Ahmed is an enthusiastic team player with a strong creative drive and solid technical skills. He is always ready to offer useful suggestions for solving problems, managing complex tasks with a cheerful attitude. He understands both the technological and creative requirements of creating an exciting game play experience.”

Hall Hood
Lead Writer